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From Teflpedia

Earn (/ɜ:(r)n/) is an English verb.

Earn is an ambiregular verb; it has the third person form "earns" (/ɜ:(r)nz/), the -ing form "earning" /ɜ:(r)nɪŋ(g)/, and a regular preterite and past participle "earned" (/ɜ:(r)nd/), or an alternative irregular preterite and past participle "earnt" (/ɜ:(r)nt/). Earned is generally preferred in both American English and British English, though "earnt" is also found in British English, particularly in speech. In this regard, it is similar to learn and burn.

Earn is an ambitransitive verb, though it is generally used transitively. Some collocations; we earn money, salary, benefits and respect.