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Disambiguation: See alcohol.

Drink (/drɪŋk/) is an English word that has a nominal meaning of "liquid that is consumed" and a verbal meaning of "to consume (such) liquid"[1]

Compare and contrast eat.

As a verb, "drink" has the 3rd person form "drinks" /drɪŋks/) and the -ing form "drinking" (/drɪŋkɪŋ(g)/. "Drink" is an irregular verb that follows the common i-a-u pattern, i.e. the preterite is "drank" (/dræŋk/) and the past participle is "drunk" /drʌŋk/.

Note that as an adjective, it's possible for someone "to be drunk", having consumed too much alcohol.

Cognates in other Germanic languages include Dutch "drinken", German trinken, Danish and Norwegian Bokmal "drikke", Norwegian Nynorsk "drikka", Swedish "dricka", etc.