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  • Do you like dogs?
  • Have you ever had a dog for a pet?
  • Do you have a dog for a pet now?
  • What would you do if someone bought you a puppy as a present?
  • Are you ever afraid of dogs?
  • Are dogs really man’s best friend?
  • Do you think dogs are the best kind of pet?
  • Do you think dogs have a good life?
  • What do you think of dogs that bark non-stop?
  • In what ways are dogs helpful to humans?
  • Are there many abandoned dogs in your town?
  • Do owners have to clean up after their dogs in your town? Walt is the penalty for failing do do so?
  • Imagine that your dog is drowning and so is a stranger and you can only save one of them. Which one do you save and why?
  • When is it acceptable for a dog to bite?
  • Why are dogs disliked in some cultures?
  • English, dogs go “woof woof”. How about in your language or other languages you know?
  • Can you think of some reason why people don't keep dogs or cats?

Dog breeds[edit]

  • What is a breed?
  • How many breeds of dogs can you name?
  • What kind of dogs do you like and dislike?
  • Which dog breed do you think is the most intelligent and which the dumbest?
  • Do you prefer pedigree or mongrel dogs?
  • Would you rather pay a lot of money and get a dog from a breeder or pay little money and rescue a homeless dog from a shelter?
  • Do you think pit bulls are dangerous dogs or do you think that pit bulls tend to have dangerous owners?

Pampered dogs[edit]

  • Would you let your dog sleep in your bed? What do you think of this practice?
  • Do dogs go to heaven?
  • Do you think some owners care too much for their dogs and not enough for other people?
  • Do you think people spend too much money on dogs?
  • What do you think of dog hotels, dog cafes and poodle parlours?

Collars and control[edit]

  • Do you think its bad to keep a dog on a collar?
  • What do you think about slip collars also known as “choke chains”?
  • What do you think about metal prong collars or “pinch collars”?
  • What do you think about an electric “shock” collars?
  • What do you think about using a harness to control a dog?
  • What is your opinion of bark control collars?
  • When do you think a GPS collar collar would be useful?

Dog food[edit]

  • Dog is on the menu in many countries. What do you think of this?
  • Can you name some countries that eat dogs or cats?
  • Walt would you do if somebody offered you a plate of dog?
  • What is the difference between eating cow, horse and dog?
  • What does a “dog eat dog world” mean?

Treatment and ethics[edit]

  • Do you think that ear cropping is cruel and unnecessary mutilation?
  • Do you think having a dog spayed or neutered is necessary?
  • Do you think it is ethical to euthanize an old dog?
  • Do you think it’s ethical to euthanize dogs at the shelter? Or do you think it should always be “no-kill” shelters?
  • What do you think about greyhound racing?
  • Do you think it’s cruel to keep dogs in a crate or cage? Or should they be allowed to roam free?
  • Do you think there should be stiffer penalties for animal cruelty?
  • What do you think about tail docking? The removal of portions of an animal's tail. Do you think it’s an unnecessary, painful and cruel mutilation - or do you think pet owners should be able to do as they please?
  • What do you think of ear cropping? The removal of part or all of the external visible flap of the ear.
  • Are tail docking and ear cropping legal in your country?
  • What is your opinion of surgical debarking (devocalization)? In this case tissue is removed from the animal’s vocal cords to permanently reduce the volume of their bark.
  • Do you think it’s okay to leaving a dog unattended in a vehicle?
  • Do you think pet owners who fail to provide necessary veterinary care should be criminalized?
  • Do you think people who adopt a large number of stray dogs are “animal hoarders” or “animal rescuers?”
  • What is your opinion of people who organize dog fights?

Cats and dogs[edit]

  • Which do you like best, dogs or cats?
  • What are some good names for dogs or cats?
  • Why would you keep a dog instead of a cat?
  • What can cats do that dogs can't?


  • bark - mongrel - mutt - puppy
  • debarking (devocalization) - ear cropping - euthanasia /ˌjuːθəˈneɪzɪə/BrE /ˌjuːθəˈneɪʒə/AmE - euthaniseBrE/euthanize (put to sleep) - harness - muzzle - slip collar (choke chain) - tail docking
  • castrate (males) - fix - neuter - spay (females)
  • beagle - boxer - bull terrier - chihuahua /tʃɪˈwɑːwə, tʃɪˈwɑːwɑːAmE/ cocker spaniel - dachshund /ˈdæksənd/BrE (sausage dog) /ˈdɑːkshʊnd/AmE (weenie dog) - Dalmatian - Dobermann - German shepherd - golden retriever - Labrador - pit bull - poodle - Yorkshire terrier /ˌjɔːrkʃər ˈteriər/ (Yorkie)

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