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A determiner is a word such as an article, possessive, demonstrative that helps to identify things, or a quantifier that indicates how much or how many things are being referred to.

Classes of Determiners[edit]

There are a number of classes of determiners:

the, a, an

this, that, these, those

my, your, his, her, its, our, their

a few, a little, much, many, a lot of, most, some, any, enough

  • Numbers

one, twenty, thirty, etc.

  • Distributives

all, both, half, either, every, neither, each

  • Difference words

other, another

Which, what, whose

  • Defining words

which, whose

There are also pre-determiners which go before determiners, such as articles these include: such, what, half, rather and quite.


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