Dependent possessive pronoun

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A dependent possessive pronoun (known in traditional grammar as a ) is a possessive determiner (i.e. a pronoun and determiner used as a possessive) that requires a dependent nominal (e.g. a single word noun).

A possessive determiner can be transformed into possessive pronouns by the addition of possessive 's (albeit without the apostrophe) in the case of "your"/"yours", "her"/"hers", our/"ours" and "their"/"theirs". Whilst "his" remains unchanged but only really because we can't add -s to s, while "its" is generally not used as a possessive pronoun.

Of course, many writers want to include the apostrophe, hence the issue of its v. it's.

Pedagogy[edit | edit source]

These are known as a "possessive adjectives" in traditional grammar and pedagogic grammar. There is however a major problem with this since they are categorically not adjectives but pronouns. They are members of pronoun sets and they co-ordinate with genitive case nouns rather than adjectives. For example, "Sheila is having a party. Please come to her and Fiona's house on Tuesday."