Dental fricative

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A dental fricative (/ˈdentəl ˈfrɪkətɪv/), commonly known as a TH sound, is a fricative (a type of consonant sound) made with the tongue pushing up against the top front teeth. There are two of these in English; a voiced dental fricative (which is a voiced sound) and an unvoiced dental fricative (which is an unvoiced sound).

These are typically represented in writing by the digraph {th}.

These are the only consonant sounds that are not part of the English core consonant sounds necessary to competently speak English, and so excluded from the Lingua Franca Core.

Th-alveolarisation, Th-fronting, and Th-stopping are common realisations of this sound by learners as respectively (1) /s/, & /z/ (2) /f/ and /v/ (3) /t/ and /d/. Meanwhile, people may lisp sibilants to dental fricatives.