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A demonym is a noun used to describe people from a particular place (typically a country). This is usually the same as the nationality adjective, e.g. for India, we say "Indian" (adj) and "an Indian" (n) to mean "a person from India".

Irregular demonyms[edit]

There are some irregular demonyms in English however, mostly relating to countries and territories in Europe. Some of these have separate masculine and feminine forms though others are common gender.

Place Adjective Demonym
Masculine Feminine
Britain/the United Kingdom British Briton (formal), Brit (informal)
Denmark Danish Dane
England English Englishman Englishwoman
Finland Finnish Finn
France French Frenchman Frenchwoman
Ireland Irish Irishman Irishwoman
Isle of Man Manx Manxman Manxwoman
Netherlands Dutch Dutchman Dutchwoman
Poland Polish Pole
Scotland Scottish or Scots Scot
Scotsman Scotswoman
Spain Spanish Spaniard
Sweden Swedish Swede
Turkey Turkish Turk
Wales Welsh Welshman Welshwoman
Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshireman Yorkshirewoman