Decoding exercises: "urr"

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furry /fɜːriː/


hurry /hʌriː/

The letter U in the sequence "urr" normally sounds /ʌ/ in Received Pronunciation (as in hurry) and in derived words it sounds /ɜː/ as in furry.

In General American /ʌr/BrE normally sounds /ɜːr/. See IPA phoneme /ɜː/.

Common words[edit | edit source]

  • RP /ʌ/, GA /ɜː/: current, currency, hurry
  • RP and GA /ɜː/: occurred, occurring
  • As /ə/: surround

Less common words[edit | edit source]

  • RP /ʌ/, GA /ɜː/: burrow, burrowing, concurrence, concurrent, currant, curry, flurry, hurricane, recurrence, surreptitious, surrogate
  • RP and GA /ɜː/: blurred, blurring, blurry, concurred, concurring, furry, purr, purred, purring, recurred, recurring
  • As /ə/: curriculum, hurrah, insurrection, resurrection, surreal, surrender, surroundings
  • As /ʊ/: burrito

Homophones[edit | edit source]

  • currant - current

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