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Together with the article on possible pronunciation difficulties, this page sets out some words teachers can use to help their students become more aware of how they can sound out more correctly the different sounds corresponding to words ending in "sion", basically /ʒən/ and /ʃən/.

These words follow very few easy patterns with almost no exceptions.


Words ending in Vsion, where V is any vowel, end in /ʒən/.

  • collision - conclusion - confusion - decision - division - exclusion - explosion - fusion - illusion - inclusion - invasion - lesion - occasion - persuasion - precision - provision - revision - television - vision


Words ending in "nsion", "lsion" or "ssion" end in /ʃən/.

  • ending in "lsion": compulsion - emulsion - propulsion - revulsion
  • ending in "nsion": extension - mansion - pension - suspension - tension
  • ending in "rsion": torsion
  • ending in "ssion": admission - aggression - compassion - confession - depression - discussion - mission - profession

Either /ʒ/ or /ʃ/[edit]

Most words ending in "rsion" are pronounced either with /ʒ/ or with /ʃ/. In most cases the difference is regional, with General American preferring /ʒ/ and Received Pronunciation preferring /ʃ/. Note that "torsion" is in the previous section.

  • aversion - conversion - dispersion - excursion - immersion - inversion - perversion - version

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