Decoding exercises: "orr"

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The letter O in the sequence "orr" normally sounds /ɒ/ in Received Pronunciation (as in borrow). In derived words it sounds /ɔː/ as in abhorring. However from "abhor" /əbˈhɔːr/ we also get "abhorrent" /əbˈhɒrənt/.

In General American /ɒr/BrE sounds /ɑːr/ in only 5 words and it sounds /ɔːr/ in the rest.[1]

Common words[edit]

  • As /ɒ/,BrE /ɔː/AmE: correspond
  • As /ɒ/,BrE /ɑː/AmE: borrow - sorry - tomorrow
  • As /ə/: correct
  • As /ʌ/ or /ɜː/: worry /ˈwʌriː,BrE ˈwɜːriːAmE/

Less common words[edit]

  • As /ɒ/,BrE /ɔː/AmE: abhorrent - horrible - horror - porridge - torrent - torrid
  • As /ɒ/,BrE /ɑː/AmE: morrow (shortening of "tomorrow") - sorrow
  • As /ɔː/: abhorred - abhorring
  • As /ə/: correlation - correspondence - corrosion - corruption - haemorrhageBrE - hemorrhageAmE


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