Decoding exercises: "or"

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north /nɔːrθ /

IPA vowels
æ ɑː
trap father - start
dress face square
ɪ ɪə
kit fleece near
ɒ əʊ ɔː
lot goat taught
ʊ ʊə
foot goose mature
juː jʊə
cute cure
ʌ ə ɜː
strut comma nurse
price mouth choice

The letter combination "or" has several different pronunciations, mainly /ɔːr/. This article sets out some words teachers can use to help their students become more aware of the differences.

For the case when "or" is followed by a vowel (not including a silent letter) see also Decoding exercises: "orV" and "orrV"

As /ɔː/: before - normal - for - force - forget - form - important - more - north - or - order - report - sort - support

As /ɒ/,BrE /ɔː/AmE: categorical - foreign - forest - historic - minority - moral - orange - origin - priority

As /ɜː/: network - word - work - world - worm - worth

As /ə/: author - colorAmE - doctor - director - effort - factor - major

Optionally silent "o". See Varisyllabic words.

favorite - history

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