Decoding exercises: "ey"

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they /ðeɪ/

key /kiː/

IPA vowels
æ ɑː
trap father - start
dress face square
ɪ ɪə
kit fleece near
ɒ əʊ ɔː
lot goat taught
ʊ ʊə
foot goose mature
juː jʊə
cute cure
ʌ ə ɜː
strut comma nurse
price mouth choice

The letter combination "ey" has several different pronunciations. This article sets out some common words teachers can use to help their students become more aware of the differences.

  • As /eɪ/: convey - grey BrE - greyhound - obey - survey - they
  • As /iː/ or /ɪ/: chimney - donkey - Geoffrey - hockey - honey - Jeffrey - journey - money - Shirley, storeyBrE - turkey - valley - volleyball
  • As /iː/: geyserBrE - key - keyboard
  • As /aɪ/: eye - geyserAmE
  • As /eə/: they're

As two separate sounds:

  • /ɪj/: beyond

Silent e:

  • graveyard - vineyard

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