Decoding exercises: "arV" and "arrV"

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The sequence /ærV/, where V is any vowel, can be spelled "ar" (as in charity) or "arr" (as in carry).

The sequence /ɑːrV/ is very uncommon. It can be spelled "ar" in foreign words (as in sari or safari) or "arr" in derived words (as in starry, derived from star, or barring, derived from the verb bar).

The following table shows the most common sounds of "arV" and "arrV". Exceptions (such as /ə/) are shown in the examples.

"ar" "arr"
/ær/ charity carry
/ɑːr/ sari starry
/eər/ hilarious N/A

Common words[edit | edit source]

  • As /æ/: apparently, character, characteristic, comparison, guarantee
  • As /eə/: area, parent, variable, variation, various
  • -ing forms: caring, comparing, declaring, preparing, sharing, staring
  • As /ə/: arise, around, salary, variety
  • Silent "a": separate
  • As /æ/: barrier, carry, embarrass, marriage, marry, narrative, narrow
  • As /ə/: arrange, arrangement, arrest, arrival, arrive, narrate, narrator

Less common words[edit | edit source]

  • As /æ/: characterize, parallel, paragraph, paranoid
  • As /ɑː/: guitarist, safari, sari
  • As /eə/: apparent, hilarious
  • As /ə/: preparation, summary
  • As /æ/: arrogant, arrow, barrio,BrE carrot, parrot, sparrow
  • As /ɑː/: barring, barrio,AmE scarring, starring, starry
  • As /ɒ/BrE, /ɔː/AmE: quarrel, warrant, warrior
  • As /ə/: arrival, arrhythmia, diarrhea

Proper nouns[edit | edit source]

  • As /æ/: Arizona, Carol, Carolina, Carolyn, Gary, Harold, Karen, Paraguay, Sharon
  • As /eə/: Bulgaria, Mary, Sarah
  • As /ə/: Hungary, Maria, Marie, Nicaragua
  • As /ə/ or silent "a": Barbara, Margaret
  • As /æ/: Harry, Larry

Minimal pairs[edit | edit source]

  • /eə/ vs /æ/: Mary - marry;
  • /eə/ vs /ɑː/: sparing - sparring; staring - starring;

Variant pronunciations[edit | edit source]

  • /ər/,BrE /er/:AmE adversary, library, necessary, primary, temporary
  • /r/ (silent a),BrE /er/:AmE military, ordinary, secretary

Table "ar" and "arr"[edit | edit source]

"ar" "arr"
/ær/ apparent, aristocracy, arithmetic (adj.), apparel, aromatic, asparagus, baritone, carat, caravan, character, characteristic, charity, comparison, guarantee, hilarity, parable, parachute, paradise, paradox, parody, parallel, paragraph, salary, separate, tiaraAmE barricade, barrier, barrio,BrE carry, embarrass, marriage, marry, narrative, narrow
/ɑːr/ safari, sari, scenario,BrE tiaraAmE BrE "arr" only sounds /ɑːr/ in loan words or derived forms: barrio,AmE starry, starring
/eər/ careful, hilarious, Mary, parent, rarely, Sarah, scenarioAmE, variable, variation, variety, various, vary N/A

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