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Motivation is the driving force that gets students to attend class and progress in their language learning. Some teachers believe it the responsibility of each student to generate his/her own motivation, while other teachers consider that, as experts in education and the learning process, they can provide opportunities for students to be motivated—at times, even against the students' own wishes.

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  • I think that it is the responsibility of the teacher to create an atmosphere that is open and positive and to help students feel that they are valued members of a learning community. (Fatima)
  • Motivation is considered as the energy which students should be provided to be active and successful. teacher's role is to grow up students' motivation to do their better. --Knowledge lover (talk) 03:42, 12 July 2013 (CDT)
  • In my opinion motivation is everything. Motivation is what makes the difference between "have to" and "want to" and as we all know, "have to"s aren't fun for nobody, especially not for kids.--(Claty)
  • In my opinion, teachers are not the only one responsible for the student's learning, instead, student also has a big part for this. Student should be willing to learn in order for him/her to acquire the knowledge he/she wants to acquire. Maris.
  • Motivation is very much dependent on the learner. Why is this person learning English? Is it for mandatory schooling or is toward working toward a goal set by oneself such as a new job or degree? Is it a child who is not doing well in school and his parents are pushing him to improve? Or does this child himself feel the need to learn and study more? Motivation can not be placed under on wide category. Torrie Lee


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