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Dancing[edit | edit source]

Do you like watching dancing?
  • Do you like dancing?
  • Can you dance? Do you dance? Are you good at it? Are there any particular dances you "specialise" in?
  • Would you say that you enjoy dancing or is it an embarrassing torture?
  • Does your dancing (or your opinion of dancing) change after a few drinks?
  • Traditionally it has been the man's responsibility to ask a woman to dance. Is that still the case in your society?
  • If you're a woman, have you ever asked a man for a dance?
  • If you're a man, how do you feel when you ask a woman to dance?
  • Have you ever had formal dancing classes?
  • How many different dances do you know? Are there any traditional dances in your country? Do you know how to dance them?
  • Do you like watching other people dancing?
  • How often do you dance?
  • What kinds of dancing can we see in your country? How important is dancing in your culture?
  • Do you like dancing in discos/clubs?
  • Have you ever been to the ballet?
  • Do you know any professional dancers? What sort of lives do you think they lead? How much rehearsing do they do?
  • What's your opinion of the choreography on TV shows?
  • Ballroom dancing is officially recognised as a sport by the International Olympic Committee which, in theory, opens the door to it one day becoming an Olympic sport. What's your opinion of this?
  • What is the difference between a good dancer and a bad dancer?
  • Do you prefer dancing alone or with other people?
  • Do you have any early memories of dancing?
  • Why do people like to dance?
  • Do you ever go to see dance performances?
  • What dances from other countries do you like?
  • How does dancing affect your everyday life?

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