Daily routine

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A daily routine is the things that someone does every day.

This is quite a popular thing to talk about at elementary level because (1) is uses the present simple and (2) it uses a lot of verbs, including some phrasal verbs. You can say why and when you do these things. It can practise the third person -s for talking about other people. And later it can be used to introduce the past simple as well.

Example daily routine[edit]

  • wake up
  • get up
  • make breakfast
    • toast some bread
    • boil/fry an egg
  • eat breakfast
  • drink a glass of orange juice
  • have a shower
    • wash your hair
    • dry your hair
  • brush your teeth
  • wash your face
  • drive to work
    • listen to the radio
  • talk to your boss
  • talk to your colleagues
  • talk to your clients
  • have a tea break
  • read an email
  • write an email
  • have a meeting
  • go to the canteen
  • eat lunch
  • leave work
  • drive to the gym
    • do some exercise
  • drive to the supermarket
  • buy some food for dinner
  • drive home
  • cook dinner
  • eat dinner
  • have a bath
  • watch TV
  • go to bed
  • read a book
  • go to sleep
  • dream...