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Cricket (/'krɪkɪt/) is a bat and ball sport originating in England and played mostly in Commonwealth countries.

Due to its geographical confines, students - and Americans teachers - may not be particularly familiar with the sport. The rules can be somewhat confusing to a newcomer.

There are a significant number of cricket-related idioms in English[1] such as:

  • to hit someone for six
  • to be on a sticky wicket
  • "to have a good innings" - also "to be [number] not out"
  • to bowl someone a googly
  • etc

When describing cricket results, a draw is different to a tie; a draw occurs when a match is not completed due to expiry of a time limit whereas a tie (which is much rarer) occurs when the two teams complete the game but finish level on runs.

Also in cricket the word innings is both singular and its own irregular plural (we say "2 innings" not *"2 inningses"), contrasting with baseball where the equivalent cognate inning has a regular plural innings.[2]