Coordinating conjunction

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A coordinating conjunction or co-ordinating conjunction (//), also known as a coordinator or co-ordinator (//) conjunction that is used for coordination (grammar).

In English, there are four simple coordinators; and, but, or, nor and one compound co-ordinator, and/or.

Co-ordinating conjunctions can be used. Note here the co-ordinators themselves are underlined. That which they are joining is in italics

  • to join clauses:
    • Do you like cheese and do you eat it?
    • I like cheddar and I like Stilton.
    • I like cheddar but I don’t like Stilton.
  • to join verbs:
    • Do you like cheese and eat it?
    • I like cheese and eat it.
    • I like cheese but don’t eat it for medical reasons.
  • to join nouns:
    • Do you like cheddar or Stilton?
    • I like cheddar and Stilton.
    • I like cheddar but 'not Stilton.
    • I don’t like cheddar or Stilton
    • Neither cheddar nor Stilton is tasty.
  • To join adjectives:
    • Stilton is creamy and delicious.
    • Stilton is creamy but not delicious.
  • To join adverbs:
    • Stilton goes brilliantly and fantastically with biscuits.