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Here are some conversation questions about conversation questions. You might choose not to take this page too seriously:

  • What's your favourite conversation question? Why is it your favourite?
  • What's your least favourite conversation question? Why don't you like it?
  • How many different topics can we make conversation questions about?
    • With your partner, make a list.
      • Which of these do you like to talk about? Why?
      • Which of these don't you like to talk about? Why?
  • When do you use conversation questions?
  • Who do you think writes the conversation questions you can find online in places like Teflpedia?
  • How can a teacher best use conversation questions in class?
    • Do you think your teacher uses conversation questions effectively? Why (not)?
  • Is it better to have open questions or closed questions as conversation questions? Why?
  • Do you remember your first conversation question? What was it?
  • Which conversation question do you think is...
    • the nicest?
    • the rudest?
    • the most challenging?
    • the most embarrassing?
    • etc.
  • What do you think about conversation questions about taboo topics?