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Concept checking question

From Teflpedia

A concept checking question (CCQ, /ˈsi:ˈsi:ˈkju/) is a checking question used to check learners' narrow understanding of a language item, particularly a word or a clause or sentence that uses a particular grammatical structure.[1]

Typically, CCQs focus on meaning.

e.g. to check the understanding of “sofa" you can use a similar but different object, e.g. “armchair.”

Structures and sentences can also be CCQed. Typically:

The better CCQs tend to be closed questions.

Sometimes CCQs are very important, e.g. checking understanding of conditionals. Other times the meaning may be so obvious that it’s not necessary to spend time asking them.

Students may sometimes be confused by CCQs, not answer the question and start waffling on about something else. To encourage students to become more accepting of them, you can tell students that you want to check their understanding, and that if they understand the language well, such questions will often seem silly.

The question Do you understand? is not a CCQ!

If students can answer the CCQs, then quickly checking their understanding of the grammar with grammar checking questions is possible. But CCQs should always come before GCQs.

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