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The comparative (/kəmpærətɪv/) is the form of an adjective (it needs to be a gradable adjective) or adverb (it needs to be a gradable adverb) that compares two things, e.g.

  • Ben is taller than Shane
  • Ben is funnier than Shane
  • Ben is more intelligent than Shane
  • Ben is less accident-prone than Shane.
  • Ben runs quicker than Shane
  • Shane walks funnier than Ben.
  • Ben runs more quickly than Shane.

Comparatives may be irregular (see irregular adjectives). The most common are good-better, and bad-worse.

Longer comparatives use "more" or "less". Some words can swing either way, so e.g. both "commoner" and "more common" are OK.

It ought not be used to compare three of more things, where a related superlative is needed.