Collective noun

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A collective noun (/kəˈlektɪv ˈnaʊn/) is a singular noun which refers to a group of people or things. Examples include company, team, government, family.

In American English, the noun normally agrees with the corresponding verb as singular: the team has...; the company is...; and so on.

In British English, however, verbal agreement may be either singular or plural. Thus, The committee is/are not agreed; the family is/are..., depending on whether the writer/speaker has in mind the group as a sole entity or several members of the group.

Variations on the theme include words like media, which are plural in form, but are sometimes, despite many people considering such usage incorrect, used with singular verbs: "The media has shown great interest in these events."[1]

Collective nouns can be proper nouns or common nouns; both "Leicester City are winning" and "the team are winning" are permissible.