Coffee conversation questions

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Coffee[edit | edit source]

How do you take your coffee? With milk (white) or without milk (black)?
  • Do you need coffee to wake you up in the morning?
  • Do you care if you have instant coffee?
  • What’s the most number of cups you have drunk in one day?
  • Do you have Starbucks in your country?
  • What do you think of Starbucks?
  • What do you think of the new trend of flavored coffee?
  • Do you like the smell of coffee?
  • What do you know about coffee production and who gets the big profits?
  • What is the difference between drip coffee, cappuccino and espresso?
  • Does coffee that’s grown in different parts of the world taste differently?
  • What role does coffee (or tea) play in your life?
  • What’s the difference between Irish coffee and Turkish coffee?
  • Do you know what fair trade coffee is?
  • Do you like coffee sold in cans?
  • Do you like to buy whole-bean coffee or pre-ground coffee?
  • Do you know the difference between arabica /əˈræbɪkə/ coffee and robusta /rəʊˈbʌstə/ coffee?
  • When is the best time to drink coffee?
  • Which coffee do you like more, hot or cold?
  • What is your favorite coffee shop?
  • How old were you when you started drinking coffee?

Health[edit | edit source]

  • Are you addicted to coffee?
  • Is coffee bad for you?
  • Does coffee affect your appetite?
  • Do you think caffeine is a dangerous drug?
  • Steve Krashen says that "drinking decaf is like kissing your own sister" - do you agree?
  • Are there any health benefits to drinking coffee?
  • Would you drink less coffee if you knew it stained your teeth?
  • What do you think happens when you overdose on coffee?

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