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Choose (/ʧu:z/) is an English verb meaning "to select from a limited number of possibilities" or "to make a choice".

Choose is an irregular lexical verb - it has the third person form "chooses" (/ʧu:zɪz/), the -ing form "choosing" (/ʧu:zɪŋ(g)/) but an irregular preterite "chose" (/ʧəʊz/) and an irregular past participle "chosen" (/ʧəʊzən/).

Choose is an ambitransitive verb. Its main transitive meaning (select from a limited number of possibilities) is a little different from its intransitive meaning (make a choice)

Choose is a catenative verb that takes a to-infinitive, e.g. "I chose the strawberry ice cream". It's nominalised as "choice" (/ʧɔɪs/).

Choose is a homophone with "chews".

Choose has a French true friend "choisir" (/ʃwa.ziʁ/)[1] - though the word itself is not of French origin, but an older cognate.