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  • What controls, if any, should there be over the media?
  • Should there be more censorship? Should there be less censorship?
  • What is your opinion of sexual and/or violent content in TV, films and video games?
  • Which is it more important to control - sexual or violent scenes? Why should they be controlled?
  • What effect, if any, do you think that sexual or violent scenes on the media have on people?
  • Do you think that countries with more censorship have less violent and sexual crime?
  • Do you think people were any less violent before the existence of television, films and video games?
  • Do you think censorship is a good thing or a bad thing? What are your reasons?

Freedom of speech[edit]

  • Should freedom of speech be absolute or should it be limited?
  • What is your opinion about censoring religious themes?
  • What was your opinion of the "Mohammed cartoons" affair?
  • Should people of one religion be allowed to say things which believers of another religion find offensive?
  • Should people be allowed to say anything which another person might find offensive for some reason?
  • Should people with extreme political views be allowed a voice?
  • If a political party advocates violent actions should they have the freedom to do so or should they be silenced? If so, how?
  • In some countries opinions on the internet are censored by governments in order to reduce potential social instability. What do you think of this?

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