Career choice conversation questions

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  • What do you think makes people choose one profession over another? Vocation? Academic results? Family influence? Market needs?
  • How many people do you know who work in the profession of their choice?
  • Some people follow their parents' lead in choosing a profession. Are there any professions in which you think this is more frequent? Do you know of any cases?
  • Are certain careers in your country dominated by men or women? If so, why do you think this is?
  • Do you know anybody who has started studying for a particular university degree and has later changed to another? How frequent do you think it is? Why do you think people do so?
  • Do you know anybody who has led a successful career in one field and then suddenly given it up and changed to something completely different? What reasons do you think they may have had?
  • What career opportunities do you think there are for people who study subjects such as anthropology, biology, history, and so on as opposed to people who study law, economics, business administration, and so on? If you studied, for instance, English literature, would you be "condemned" to teach it as a subject at a school?
  • Lifelong learning is aimed at encouraging people to continue studying beyond the traditional primary, secondary and higher education levels. Many people learn to drive and study English - what other examples can you think of where you might study after leaving school/university?

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