Beer conversation questions

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Beer[edit | edit source]

  • Is beer a very popular drink in your country?
  • Is beer an important part of your country’s culture?
  • From what age can people drink beer in your country?
  • Is beer a man’s drink or a woman’s drink?
  • Do you ever mix anything with beer?
  • Do you know how beer is made?
  • What beers are produced in your country?
  • Do you like beer?
  • How would you describe the taste of beer?
  • Would you like to try making your own beer?
  • Do you like drinking from frosty mugs?
  • What's the most popular beer in your country?
  • Have you ever brewed your own beer?
  • Do you think beer is an acquired taste?
  • When was the first time you tried beer?
  • Is beer cheap in your country?
  • How much does the cheapest beer cost?
  • What is your favorite kind of beer?
  • Are there any kinds of beer you hate?
  • Do you know any drinking games involving beer?
  • Do you like to sip beer or chug it?
  • How much beer do you drink in a week?
  • Has beer ever gotten you in trouble?
  • What is the strongest beer you ever had (Alcohol Content%ABV)
  • Does your country have any drinking songs?
  • Can you buy kegs of beer in your country?
  • Do you prefer beer from a keg (draught beer), can or bottle?
  • Do you prefer expensive beer that tastes amazing or cheap beer that tastes decent
  • Do you think people spend too much money on beer?
  • Would you like drinking non-alcoholic beer?
  • Can you name a country where alcoholic beer is illegal? (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Pakistan, Sudia Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Quatar, UAE)
  • Could you live in a country where beer was illegal?
  • Have you ever heard of microbreweries or craft breweries?

Beer around the world[edit | edit source]

  • Why do you think beer is so popular around the world?
  • Would you like to go to the Munich Beer Festival?
  • Have you gone to an Oktoberfest either in Munich or in another city?
  • Which country produces the best beer?
  • Do you think there is a difference between beers from different countries?
  • Have you ever had American beer (Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Pabst, Keystone, Busch)

Health[edit | edit source]

  • Is there anything healthy about drinking beer?
  • What do you think of people who drink too much beer?
  • What do you think of beer bellies?
  • Does beer make people fat?
  • How many beers would you normally drink a week?
  • Have you ever gotten a hangover from drinking too much beer?

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