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Life's a beach[edit]

  • Do you like to visit the beach?
  • When and where was the last time you were on the beach?
  • What do you usually do on the beach? Lie down and soak up the sun or something more active?
  • What sort of activities can you do on the beach?
  • What water sports have you tried?
  • Do you use sun protection cream? What protection factor do you use?
  • What do you think of really heavy suntans? Would you like to have one?
  • What are the health issues associated with suntans?
  • Would you like to own a house on the beach? Why/why not?

Beach problems[edit]

  • Have you ever got any oil on your clothes on the beach? How did you get it off?
  • Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? By a sea urchin? What is the treatment for a sting?
  • Are there many sharks in the seas around your country? Do they make you afraid of swimming?
  • Have you ever been caught out by a rising tide on the beach? What happened?
  • In some parts of the world beaches are owned by private individuals or corporations, in others they are all public. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • In some parts of the world there are "all women" beaches. What do you think of this idea?
  • Some people play beach tennis or beach football near others. What do you think of this? Have you done it? Have others got upset?

What to wear[edit]

  • What do you usually wear on the beach?
  • What do you think of topless sunbathing?
  • What is your opinion of nudism on the beach?


  • What do you do with your valuables when you go swimming?
  • Beachcombers are people who search beaches for articles of value or interesting things washed onto the beach. Have you ever found anything interesting?
  • What animals have you seen on the beach?
  • What do you think about people bringing pets onto the beach?
  • What do you think about people bringing glass bottles or tin cans onto the beach?
  • Do you like looking for/collecting seashells or beach pebbles?

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