Be from

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Be from (/ˈbi: ˈfrɒm/) is an English verb expression. It has the form:

  • Q: "Where are you from?"
  • A: "I am from [country, e.g. China]." / "I am [nationality, e.g. Chinese]."

Its function is expressing origin, particularly national origin.

  • "I am", "you are", etc are frequently contracted to "I'm", "you're", etc.
  • "from" is often weak and pronounced /frəm/.

This is typically learnt by beginner-level students. As it is second only to What's your name? / My name is... . This is often the first time students encounter subject pronouns, which can be substituted for other subject pronouns.

Students may confused be from with My name is..., and treat "from" as a noun, producing erroneous sentences like *"What is your from?" / *""My from is China".

Students may confuse "be from" with "come from", which is an alternative way of expressing the same thing.