Be always doing something

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"My dogs are always terrorizing our neighbours and the cats."

Be always doing something is an English lexical-grammatical structure. It uses the progressive aspect, with the adverb of frequency "always". It's used to express frustration or annoyance at a repeated action.

This can be expressed in either the present tense or the past tense.

Replace "doing something" with a verb, and conjugate:

e.g. "My boss is always shouting at me!"

"Always" cannot be replaced with other indefinite frequency adverbs - showing that this is a special usage.

Using copular be in the progressive supported by auxiliary be sounds a bit weird; e.g. ?"you're always being late" - we would usually drop the progressive aspect and just say "you're always late", or we could circumlocute and use a dynamic verb, e.g. "you're always coming late".