Barbecues conversation questions

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  • What are special meal occasions in your country of birth?
  • Do you ever eat meals outdoors? When and why?
  • How do people feel about barbecues in your country? How do you feel about them?
  • What is the usual location for a barbecue in your country? (The beach, the mountains, someone's garden)
  • How many barbecues have you been to?
  • What, if anything, are you expected to bring to a barbecue?
  • What foods can you barbecue? Which ones are typical in your country?
  • What foods can you not barbecue?
  • Which type of barbecue do you prefer - a brick built one that burns wood or charcoal, or propane burning one? Why?
  • Which type of barbecue do you think is most ecological? Why?
  • Why do men enjoy cooking on barbecues so much?
  • In some countries people drink a lot of beer and other alcoholic drinks at barbecues. Is it the same in your country? Why is drinking popular at barbecues?
  • What is the secret to good barbecuing technique? Do you just put things in the flame until they look OK, or is there more to it?
  • On sunny days it is possible to use the sun's energy to cook on a solar barbecue. How popular do you think such devices will become?
  • What if barbecues were only powered by solar energy and not charcoal or electricity?

BBQs and health[edit]

  • Some people claim that barbecued food is not healthy. What is your opinion?
  • One of the causes of the high number of salmonella poisonings in the USA every summer is the Americans' fondness for barbecues. Undercooked hamburgers and chicken wings are high on the list of culprits. How often do you eat undercooked meat? How do you like your meat cooked?
  • Much of the food cooked at barbecues seems to be high in fat and even people who are normally weight-conscious often relax. Do you watch your weight when you go to a barbecue or do you tend to really "pig out"?

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