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The British Broadcasting Corporation, when not referred to as "the Beeb", or "Auntie Beeb", is almost always referred to simply by its initials as "the BBC",[1] is the world's largest broadcaster.[2] It states that one of its main public purposes is "Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK."

Websites and podcasts[edit]

As an internationally renowned ambassador of English, apart from its news service, and the World Service, it also devotes a large amount of resources on TV and Internet to English language teaching, offering grammar summaries, listening exercises, interviews and so on.

Its website "Learning"[3] acts as a central reference point to the various services it offers. These include the site Teaching English!,[4] which it runs in collaboration with the British Council and which provides free lesson plans and audio material.

Yet more material can be found at its site "learning English".[5] Although this site is mainly directed at learners, it also has some useful material for teachers (also including lessons) in its "learning English - for teachers" section.[6]

Furthermore it has an extensive selection of podcasts,[7] some of which are explicitly directed at language learners.[8]


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