Au pair conversation questions

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These conversation questions may be used an introduction to the conversation class on au pair selection.

Au pair[edit]

  • What is an au pair? What are the linguistic roots of the word?
  • What are the usual duties of an au pair?
  • How would you differentiate between the responsibilities and role of a nanny, a babysitter and au pair? What are they expected to do in the household and how much to they interact with it?
  • Would you like to try being an au pair? Why/why not?
  • What qualities and abilities are usually required of an au pair?
  • Are au pairs usually female? Why is this?
  • What is the usual age of an au pair?
  • Why do people want to become au pairs?
  • Do you think that au pairs are more or less common than they used to be? Why might the situation have changed?
  • Do you know anybody who has been an au pair or have you been one yourself? What was the experience like? Describe the process of employment
  • Do you know anybody who has employed an au pair or have you done so yourself? What was the experience like? Describe the process to employ them?
  • What do you think about older and even retired men and women becoming au pairs or live-in helpers? Do you think this benefits the individual and the household?

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