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What is AI?[edit]

  • At present, what activities are computers better at than humans? Which are humans better at than computers?
  • Human intelligence itself is not really well understood. How would you define it?
  • How does human intelligence differ from animal intelligence?
  • How would you define Artificial Intelligence or AI?
  • Are computers just glorified adding-up machines or might they be capable of original thought?
  • For a computer to pass the Turing Test, a human must be unable to tell whether he or she is having a conversation with a computer or another human. How close do you think computers are to passing this test?
  • The objective of the Turing Test is to establish if a computer has real human-like intelligence. But if a computer were to pass the test, would it really have demonstrated this ability?
  • Computers get faster and better every year. Is it just a matter of time before they become more intelligent than humans?
  • Is consciousness uniquely human?

Bugs and glitches[edit]

  • Have you read about an AI program not working as expected causing damage or even deaths?
  • Amazon Echo sent out a recording of a couple’s conversation without their knowing[1]
  • An Uber’s self-driving car killed a pedestrian[2]
  • Are you worried about AI malfunctioning in the future and causing even bigger problems?

Ethical issues[edit]

  • If a computer had real intelligence, should it be given the same rights and responsibilities as people? Would it be right to ever turn it off?
  • Should we be worried about computers becoming the dominant species on the planet? Would they remain our faithful servants, treat us as pets, or exterminate us like cockroaches?


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