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Anatomy (/ənætəmi/) is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts.

As teachers of English, we're interested in the anatomy of the mouth and vocal cords, etc, as this is used to produce speech.

As a subject in itself it's a legitimate CLIL subject. In which case, noting that most anatomical structures have both a common English name and a Latin name. The Latin name is frequently the same in the student's L1. Organs often have an adjective (e.g. venal)

It can also be a somewhat awkward issue to teach, as there are a number of commonly used slang words for body parts. The words for breasts and buttocks (e.g. for breasts, "boobies", "boobs", "tits", etc and for buttocks "bum", "butt", "arse", etc) are frequently used informally. The same applies to genitalia, both male and female, and appropriateness might be a factor here. Students may have already looked these up in a dictionary, but they rarely know how to use these words properly.