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Alcohol (/ælkəhɒl/) is a drug. It is commonly consumed and is an important part of human culture.

The legal availability of alcohol varies between jurisdictions. It is notably banned under the Islamic Religion, and so alcohol is a PARSNIP. Ironically the word "alcohol" derives from Arabic.

The word alcohol is also a polyseme, as in chemistry alcohols are compounds with an alcohol group, though only one of these, ethanol, is commonly consumed. Fake alcohol can be a problem in some countries, and this may contain poisonous methanol.

There are several slang words for alcohol, including booze, etc.[1] There are several more slang words for being drunk and euphemisms for being drunk, e.g. "tired and emotional".

This can be a source of humour, though as with anything what is humorous v what is sad depends on perspective and context.

Alcohol addiction - Alcoholism is a serious health problem that can affect anyone, including teachers. If you think you have a drink problem, seek medical help.

Teflpedia has some alcohol conversation questions.

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