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  • Why do people adopt children?
  • Do you personally know anybody who has adopted a child?
  • Do you personally know anybody who was adopted?
  • Is adoption common in your country?
  • Why do people adopt from third world countries?
  • Would you prefer to adopt a boy or a girl? Why?
  • Which affects adopted children most: their genetics or the homes in which they grow up?

Who adopts[edit]

  • Many celebrities have adopted children internationally. What do you think of this?
  • What do you think about single parents adopting children?
  • What do you think about homosexual couples adopting children?
  • What do you think about people who already have biological children adopting children?
  • Should adoptions only take place if the parents and the children have the same race? Why?
  • Should adoptions only take place if the new parents have the same religion as the biological parents?
  • What do you think about elderly people adopting children?
  • If you want to legally adopt a child you have to go through a considerable bureaucracy in order to prove that you will be able to provide a good home for the child. However, if two people produce a child biologically there are no such checks. Should people who produce children naturally have to go through the series of checks as those who adopt? Why not?


  • What do you think about twins or family members being separated at adoption?
  • Should children have a right to know they have been adopted? At what age should they be told?
  • If children's biological parents are still alive, should the children have an automatic right to contact them?
  • Should the biological parents have any contact with the adopted child?
  • If you had been adopted do you think you would want to discover your biological parents? Why?

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