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Actually is an English adverb[1] derived from the adjective actual.[2]

In other European languages, cognates of actual and actually mean "now" or "currently"; (e.g, adverbs: Portuguese "atualmente", Spanish "actualmente", French "actuellement", German "aktuell", Italian "attualmente", Czech "aktuálně"), making them false friends. This leads many non-native speakers of English to erroneously use "actually" when they mean "now" or "currently", and "actual" instead of "current".

In practice, actually and its synonyms are often used to insinuate that the following is either unusual or contrary to a norm or preceding assumption, or to merely preface an overconfident opinion contrasting a previous statement or norm.

"This is actually a really beautiful song." (contrasting opinion)
"Actually, I'm not from France – I'm from Switzerland." (contrary from assumption)
"At the check-out, the cashier actually greeted me for once." (contrary from norm)

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