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Accusative case

From Teflpedia

The accusative case /əˈkju:zətɪv 'keɪs/ is a grammatical case found in English and some related languages.

In English, the dative case and the objective case are identical in form. Consequently, these are usually merged into a single accusative case. The only way of distinguishing dative case from objective case is by syntactic analysis.

In English, only pronouns are inflected for case. The accusative case pronouns are the object pronouns (i.e. me, you, him, her, it, us, them, one). The wh- word whom also marks accusative case, though who is common case and is typically used instead.

Accusative case nouns are identical to nominative nouns, and are in fact common case.

In linguistics notation, this is commonly abbreviated as ACC.