Academic referencing

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Academic referencing is used in academic texts to indicate exophora to other texts.

The main purpose(s) of academic referencing can vary slightly depending on the genre, but typically include to:

  • Give the original author(s) credit for their own work
  • Validate arguments
  • Allow the reader check the original work
  • Demonstrate to the reader that you have read around the subject - particularly in essays.
  • Avoid plagiarism.

But note:

  • If an idea has become widely accepted to the point where audience familiarity is assumed, then it may be desirable not to reference it for sake of brevity.
  • It may be unclear what to cite, especially does one cite the first use of a term or the best explanation of that term?

To add to the confusion, a lot of style guides insist on giving extremely detailed technical explanations on how to format references, rather than making the more important content-based decision to include or exclude a particular reference.