-isms conversation questions

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NB: The below list contains some things that may be inappropriate. - exercise judgment.

  • How many words can you think of that end in -ism? What do they mean? Do you agree or disagree with them? Why?
  • Ok, so what do these words mean?

activism, ageism, agnosticism, atheism, alcoholism, altruism, authoritarianism, capitalism, communism, collectivism, commercialism, colonialism, conformism, conservatism, creationism, cronyism, cynicism, despotism, egalitarianism, egoism, environmentalism, eroticism, evangelism, exorcism, extremism, fascism, favouritism, feminism, governmentalism, hedonism, homoeroticism, humanism, humanitarianism, idealism, imperialism, impressionism, industrialism, isolationism, lesbianism, liberalism, monarchism, moralism, monotheism, multilateralism, multiculturalism, nationalism, neoliberalism, neoconservatism, neocolonialism, paganism, populism, protectionism, racism, radicalism, republicanism, secessionism, scientism, sexism, socialism, teetotalism, terrorism, totalitarianism, tourism, transsexualism, vegetarianism, veganism, welfarism.

  • Which of these topics is it OK to talk about?
  • Which of these topics are not OK?
  • Are you comfortable sharing your opinions?
    • If yes, What are your opinions about them?
    • Are you comfortable with other people sharing their opinions with you?
    • What do you do if you disagree?