Visualisation personality test

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This personality test takes a very short time and is suitable as a warmer, cooler or filler.




  1. The teacher asks students to close their eyes and then waits a moment until everyone is calm.
  2. The teacher tells the students to imagine that they are far, far away and that they should clear their mind of images so it is blank.
  3. The teacher tells students to visualize a colour.
  4. The teacher then tells the students to imagine water in any form, be it a cold raindrop, a beautiful iceberg, a torrential waterfall, a soft snowflake, a river, a dirty puddle etc.
  5. The teacher asks the students to imagine an animal rushing towards them.
  6. The teacher tells students to open their eyes and to tell their partner what they visualised.
  7. The teacher explains that they have just done a personality test, with the following interpretation:
  • The colour represents how others people see them.
  • The water represents the person´s love/sex life.
  • The animal represents their perfect partner.


  • The students interpret each other´s visions in pairs.
  • The teacher encourages students to share any funny or interesting results with the whole class.

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