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You can call me either /ˈgəʊtiː/ or /fɪʃ/.


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Decoding the letter ... Spelling patterns for the letter ... GA Short Long Short Long
Decoding the letter A Spelling patterns for the letter A Spelling patterns for the letter A (General American) So-called “short a” So-called “long a” Short a Long a
Decoding the letter E So-called “short e” So-called “long e” Short e Long e
Decoding the letter I So-called “short i” So-called “long i” Short i Long i
Decoding the letter O So-called “short o” So-called “long o” Short o Long o
Decoding the letter U So-called “short u” So-called “long u” Short u Long u
Decoding exercises: "oo" So-called “short oo” So-called “long oo” Short oo Long oo


Decoding the letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Generic Received Pronunciation General American
æ trap IPA phoneme /æ/ trap Phoneme /æ/ in General American trap, bath
ɑː IPA phoneme /ɑː/ palm, start Phoneme /ɑː/ in Received Pronunciation bath, palm, start Phoneme /ɑː/ in General American palm, start, lot
ɒ IPA phoneme /ɒ/ lot Phoneme /ɒ/ in Received Pronunciation lot, cloth N/A
ɔː thought, north, force IPA phoneme /ɔː/ thought, north, force Phoneme /ɔː/ in General American cloth, thought, north, force
IPA chart Template:IPA Template:IPA-RP
IPA vowels Template:IPA-vowels


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Ghoti/Vowel table/Upton (highlighted)Ghoti/Vowel table/WikipediaGhoti/Vowel table/vertical

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