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Open Office[1] is a discontinued free office productivity program from Oracle (Oracle bought Sun Microsystems). It will interest teachers who do not wish to pay out substantial sums for the Microsoft offering. Many of the programmers from the project have left it and started Libre Office.

Editing wikis with Open Office[edit]

Open Office has the further advantage of having an extension which will allow you to edit wikis such as this one directly from the word processor. In order to use it, first download and install Open Office from the link below and then download this open office extension. You must also have Java 1.4 or later installed. While the idea is very good it does not seem to work for everybody.

In order to use this feature, first open the article you want to upload in Open Office. Then go to the From the menu and chose File -> Send -> To MediaWiki, then click the Add button and type or paste

If you have already created an account on Teflpedia then type in your login credentials. Click the "OK" button, then choose Teflpedia from the drop-down list. In the Title field, type the exact name of the article. For example, if you wished to edit the Teflpedia article "Noun" enter "noun" (without quotes) in Title.

Fill out the Summary (which shows in the wiki page history). If you're fixing a typo, reformatting, or otherwise not changing the meaning of the content, check the box "This is a minor edit" so that wiki editors know not to review the changes. Choose "Show in Web browser" to see the published article in your default Web browser when you're done. Finally, click Send.

If you expect to edit Teflpedia frequently and want to save your password, you can go to Tools -> Options -> Security and enable Persistently save passwords protected by a master password.

Feature support[edit]

The following features are supported:

  • Paragraph breaks and manual line breaks
  • Paragraph alignment
  • Italics, bold, subscript, and superscript
  • Headings
  • Ordered and bullet lists
  • Tables
  • Hyperlinks

The following features are presently unsupported[edit]

  • underlining
  • strikethrough
  • font colors
  • highlighting.
  • It is necessary to upload images manually.

While you are becoming familiar with Sun Wiki Publisher, you may want to publish a test article without touching articles in production. To do that it is best to play about in Teflpedia:Sandbox. Alternatively you could create your own personal sandbox in your own user namespace.

Future versions of the Sun Wiki Publisher may support importing wiki pages. Until then, if you want to work with existing text, select the text in your browser, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into Writer.

If you wish to see how the document would look but without editing a live document then call it "Teflpedia:Sandbox" (without quotes).


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