Lesson:Role-play stood up on a date

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This is a free lesson which has been donated to Teflpedia by User:Dirk. You are welcome to download and use all or part of it in class. If you feel that parts of the lesson could be improved please edit it, or raise your points on the discussion page.

Here's a role-play I use to fill up extra time in my classes. It is pretty straightforward really. There are only two roles, so it is a pairwork exercise. Give the students some time to think about their roles, form a picture in their heads and let them loose on each other. There is an extra role, "Jennifer", for the more advanced students. Jennifer can walk through the classroom and stir up a riot wherever she wants.

While they are talking, you the teacher should make notes. What words don't they know? What errors do they make (both grammatical and lexical)? Do NOT correct them during their play. Do not help them.

When the students are finished, do a class wide evaluation. What kind of people are Dennis, Marla and Jennifer? What have we learned? Only after that talk, you present the errors you collected in open class, probably by sticking them on the board. You let the students correct themselves and each other. Have fun!

Oh, and if anybody sees ways to simplify the language in the role cards, please have a go at it.

Role cards[edit]


You are Dennis. You were supposed to take your girlfriend Marla out to see a film last Friday, but you forgot. Now you meet her on the street, and she is probably angry. Try to minimise the damage to your relationship by distracting her attention to other things.


You are Marla. Last Friday, you were supposed to go out with your new boyfriend, Dennis. But he didn't show up. Now you bump into him on the street. You want to make him understand that you are not a girl he can just push around.

An extra role for more advanced students[edit]


You are Jennifer. Last Friday you had a wonderful date with a boy called Dennis. You think he is just perfect. You see him on the street talking to some girl. You want to surprise him and thank him for the wonderful date on Friday.