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This is a free lesson which has been donated to Teflpedia by User:Dirk. You are welcome to download and use all or part of it in class. If you feel that parts of the lesson could be improved please edit it, or raise your points on the discussion page.

Here's a role-play I use to fill up extra time in my classes. It is pretty straightforward really. There are only two roles, so it is a pairwork exercise. Give the students some time to think about their roles, form a picture in their heads and let them loose on each other.

While they are talking, you the teacher should make notes. What words don't they know? What errors do they make (both grammatical and lexical)? Do NOT correct them during their play. Do not help them.

When the students are finished, do a class wide evaluation. What kind of person is Vernon? What kind of person is Nick? What have we learned? Only after that talk, you present the errors you collected in open class, probably by sticking them on the board. You let the students correct themselves and each other. Have fun!

Oh, and if anybody sees ways to simplify the language in the role cards, please have a go at it.

Role cards[edit]


Your name is Vernon. You meet your old classmate Nick on the street. Nick was always much taller and more popular than you. He used to shoot pieces of paper or an eraser at you in class while you were trying to pay attention. Sometimes it really hurt. Nick was very good at sports, you were always afraid of the ball. Nick would always kick the ball really hard so it would hit you on the head. Sometimes he and his friends would follow you home after class. In your childhood, you really hated Nick but you never dared to stand up for yourself. You always sat on your own being silent, just hoping he and his friends would go away.

But now you are a successful businessman, and you finally feel confident to confront Nick with his behaviour in the past.


Your name is Nick. On the street you meet your old classmate Vernon. Vernon was used to be a small, rather timid boy. You always felt a little sorry for him, and you tried your best to involve him with the rest of the kids. Sometimes Vernon would play along for a while, but usually he preferred to be alone. You remember how you always tried to pass him the ball when you were playing football, but he never really understood the game. Also in class he was always very silent and he used to sit alone. You tried to have fun with him many times, but he never really seemed to understand.

You wonder how he is doing now. Is he still the timid little boy he used to be, or has he finally learned to have fun with people and enjoy life? Try to find out about him.