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A gapped dictation is a dictation activity carried out in pairs in which each student has a text with opposite words missing. Depending on the length of the text, a gapped dictation will last a short time and can be effectively used to practise pronunciation of individual words as well as listening skills.


  • The teacher will need to create two versions of a text, each with words missing that are present in the other. For example:
    • TEXT A: "He`s ______ perfect. ______ aren`t _______ _______ the two ______ you ______ ______ be perfect"
    • TEXT B: " _____ not _____ . You ______ either and _____ _____ of ______ will never _______ ________"


  • Pairs are formed who sit facing one another, as far away from each other as possible.
  • The teacher teaches the class useful phrases such as "What was the last word?", What was the senond/third to last word?", "Can you repeat that?", "Can you speak up" etc.
  • The dictation begins.
  • Once finished, pairs get together to check the spelling and accuracy of their work.
  • The text can then be used as wished in the lesson.


By sitting the students very far away from one another the need to shout will emerge which will be effective at energizing a lethargic class. Alternatively if no large space is available to do so, the radio can be turned on thereby creating the need to raise the voice, which will develop the key phrases and listening skills that students will need when they end up going out to clubs and discos.

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