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David Vincent is the creator of Elt World Wiki, ELT World Discussion forum and a surprising number of blogs (however his profile at blogger.com is now unavailable). He also has a Twitter account: https://twitter.com/eltworld. His last tweet is from January 2016.

Elt World Wiki[edit]

Elt World Wiki [1] is another wiki dedicated to English teaching. It was created by David Vincent in January 2008 and seems to have been formed in protest of a perceived over-commercialisation of sites such as Dave's ESL Cafe.[2]

The wiki lacks community[3] and has little on it.[4] The associated ELT World Discussion forum got a lot of activity and was worth visiting.

As of March 2014 it had 146 content pages and 7 uploaded files.

ELT World Discussion[edit]

ELT World Discussion[5][6] was the forum associated with ELT World Wiki.

It was quite active and was a good place to go for advice about language, countries or schools.


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