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An A to Z of me is a general speaking activity in which students answer and discuss a list of random personal questions, which are loosely based on each letter of the alphabet. It is useful as a getting-to-know-you activity, and an example is as follows:

An A to Z of me: advanced[edit]

  • A: Are you a party Animal?
  • B: What`s the thickest Book you`re ever read?
  • C: When was the last time you handwashed your Clothes?
  • D: Do you believe in Destiny?
  • E: What´s the first thing you`d do if you found out the world was going to End tomorrow?
  • F: Have you ever accidentally set Fire to anything?
  • G: How many Goals do you think you`ll score before you die?
  • H: When was the last time you asked for somebody´s Help?
  • I: Who have been the the most Inspirational figures in your life?
  • J: Are you any good at telling Jokes?
  • K: What do you understand by Karma? Do you believe in it?
  • L: Are you Left or right-handed?
  • M: How would you react if a telecommunications Mast was put up beside your home?
  • N: If you had to change your Nationality, which one would you choose?
  • O: What time of day are you at your Optimum?
  • P: Have you ever been in a political Protest or demonstration?
  • Q: Would you like to meet the Queen of England? Why (not)?
  • R: At what age would you like to Retire?
  • S: When you read a newspaper, which sections do you Skip?
  • T: Do you agree that Time is money?
  • U: Which would you choose to take out in the rain; an Umbrella or a raincoat?
  • V: Which do you prefer eating, raw or cooked Vegetables?
  • W: Describe your favorite place in the World.
  • X: How many X-rays have you had in your life?
  • Y: How were you feeling Yesterday? Why?
  • Z: Do you think it`s ethical to keep animals in Zoos?


Students can create their own A-Z list of questions, with the letters of the alphabet being divided between the pairs or groups.

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